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Understanding Vedanta through the Kathopanishad by Dr. Jayakumar Srinivasan
The Kathopanishad from the Yajurveda is unique in many respects. It begins with an inspiring story, presents a pre-teenage boy Naciketas as extremely mature to the point of even advising his father, he gets as his teacher Lord of Death - Yama - Himself, he rejects all the temptations offered by Yama, and is crystal clear about what he wants Yama to teach - “Teach me that which is beyond Dharma and Adharma”.

This leads to the teaching of Brahmavidyaa, through some famous mantras like “Shreyascha Preyascha”, Ratha Kalpana, and “UttiShTata jAgrata”. In the process, even the qualifications of the shishya, such as discernment (viveka) and dispassion (vairAgyam) are beautifully covered.
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