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Overview of INDICA Course Learn Sharada Lipi
Kashmir, the Land of Sharada has always been the land of Rishis and great scholars in various fields of knowledge. Hieun Tsnag during his visit in the 7th century AD noted that Sanskrit is spoken fluently even by women and children of Kashmir like their native language. People used Sharada as the main script to write Sanskrit. Sharada Lipi (script) is a writing system based on the Brahmic family of scripts and has flourished in the northern part of India, especially Kashmir Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. Sharada texts have been widely found in Afghanistan. The oldest text of this script is dated 3rd Century CE. There are thousands of manuscripts written in Sharada Lipi, available in many libraries within and outside India; most of them are still unexplored.

Our upcoming free INDICA Course, in collaboration with Core Sharda Team, open to learners above the age of 10 years, is our humble effort to revive the script and explore the knowledge hidden in these manuscripts written centuries ago. We invite all learners and language enthusiasts to Learn Sharada Lipi, a 2000 years old script predominantly used in Kashmir and other parts of north India. Core Sharda Team, a not-for-profit organisation, has been working for the revival of this ancient, sacred script for nearly a decade.
In this regard we are organising an open session where our faculty will provide an overview of this free INDICA Course on Learn Sharada Lipi.
This event is open to all. Prior registration is necessary.

We look forward to your participation.

Feb 4, 2023 05:00 PM in India

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